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Reviewed on 28 November, 2022 by Bill Justus

Justian Wylie helped us Buy in October, 2022

Recent: Cranston, Calgary, AB

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It was an over joy and ease with Justian, as this is always a very stressful and time consuming endeavor. I would defiantly recommend him to anyone looking for a calm reassuring agent. He dealt with us as we transitioned from Kelowna BC, here to Calgary. We my wife and I were never here at the same time to view homes, and I actually purchased our new home with confidence that Justian had been with her enough that he was fairly certain that I was making the correct choice for our forever home. I use the term HOME not house, there is a vast difference. We'd like to thank him for his diligence and effort in getting us many appointments and aiding in this wonderful purchase. I personally consider him a friend now not just an agent, that should tell you how much he cared about our new home. Bill & Carmen