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Elevate your Office’s reputation with Real, verified Reviews

RankMyAgent (RMA) allows you as an office to gain insights on what clients are saying about your agents and helps your office get recognized as a top performing leader in the market place, helping to recruit the best real estate professionals that want to work with you.

Take a proactive approach in constructing your online reputation with our office profiles

RankMyAgent (RMA)’s reviews reinforce your great reputation and our verified reviews automatically post on your website, REALTOR.ca and other social channels.

Save time by Automatically sending review requests

RankMyAgent can integrate with your transaction management system to automatically send survey requests. We have ready-to-made integrations with Lone Wolf technologies to make review collection effortless across the office.

Easily Collect new client reviews to gain client insights

Leverage RankMyAgent’s review request templates within your office portal that makes it easy to request reviews on behalf of agents, creating opportunities to grow from detailed insight and success measures from customer feedback.

Get your Agents Found on Sites that Matter

By getting an office account, help your agents amplify the good word of mouth of your office and them, with our integration abilities. Give your agents the ability to display their testimonials to REALTOR.ca and encourage their clients to post their reviews to Google and LinkedIn with one click.

Reputation Training that helps your Agents master online Reviews

Support your agent’s advancement by equipping your agents with one-on-one training with our dedicated team and access to live webinars and resources. Our curriculum is based on proven strategies from top brokerages.

Join RankMyAgent to amplify your impact

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Office Dashboard to lead and manage your agent’s online reputation
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Websites widgets and API
White glove service in adding and removing agents
API integrations
Let potential clients learn more about you by direct links to your website and social media channels
Display your featured videos on  your profile
Effortlessly use our templates to send requests off to your clients, with our built-in request system
Track the status of your review requests
Use your contact directory to send review request invitations that auto-fill your client’s info, fast-tracking review submissions
Dynamic display of RankMyAgent reviews straight to your website
Number of Publicly Displayed reviews on Your Profile
3 latest reviews
Number of Publicly Displayed photos
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Number of Geo-locations to tag your profile with to get higher search results on RankMyAgent & Google Search Results
Comprehensive phone, chat, email & local support
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Always available

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